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Changing the stories we tell our children, ourselves and each other

What we are

A family brand and an educational/professional-training company.

What we do

We share knowledge through our products and provide training for the educational sector and workplaces. Our expertise is self awareness, empathy, and developing social and emotional competence.

How we do it

StorytellingBooks, animations and podcasts 

Training: Games, tools, courses, workshops, year-round program for nurseries and schools (parents/professionals/children)

Connecting: Talks, events, local gleding patrols and social media

Why we do it

We believe empathy is the key to solve most of the pressing issues we are facing as humanity, such as;

Violence and neglect towards children. Did you know that WHO estimates that at least 1 billion children have experienced some sort of violence the last year?
The high stress levels in adults which in turn makes them unavailable for children’s needs
Increased screen time makes less time for human interaction (less empathy training time)
Increasing mental illness (UN estimates this to be the
Loneliness in our big cities, lack of belonging, purpose and connection
Environmental issues, lack of hope, empowerment and optimism for the future